Our team has developed a set of products and methodologies that can help children, young adults, parents and teachers to develop a fundamentally strong value system. We focus on eight integral humanitarian values namely Love, Gratitude, Integrity, Courage, Respect, Humility, Trust and Focus and Commitment.

    Learner’s Modules

    Learner’s Module is based on the WIN philosophy. WIN, a three-tiered structured program, is an innovative, specialised and interactive module that focuses on imparting values to children in a fun and effective way. It complements the efforts of the parents and the teachers to impart value education in children through creative and specialised methodology making learning impactful, simple and forever. Using modern tools like apps and video games to adapt the rich heritage of folklore and culture, WIN bonds the cultural roots of the students fostering love for tradition and values. WIN workshops are the process of experiential learning which encourages children to think creatively and analytically through educational games.

    Learner’s Module manifests in the shape of expert-designed, youth-oriented value education programs to schools and conducts standalone workshops. The workshops are integrated with the school curriculum and custom-designed by Human Resource Experts for each school by a values expert with due consideration to the needs emphasized by the school management, teachers, parents and children.

    WIN workshops are conducted by accomplished facilitators who use a unique combination of storytelling, drama, music and dance to build the character, personality and skill of the child.

    • Character building by instilling positive values in children and developing their physical, emotional and spiritual quotient.
    • Personality building through development of leadership and interpersonal skills by means of team building sessions, positive self imagery and confidence building tasks.
    • Skill building through interactive storytelling, drama and certified mind and body exercises like Super Brain Yoga.

    WIN helps in placing the foundation stones, step-by-step, to create happy young minds. It focuses on the three main elements of being:

    • Work the Body
    • Inspire the Mind
    • Nourish the Soul

    Value Products

    Our value product line, including games, books, mobile applications, videos, etc. focuses on inculcating value based behaviour in the lives of children and young adults by synthesizing culture with technology through modern tools.

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