Blue Orb presents to you WIN, a three-tiered structured program, on which our value learning model is based. It focuses on the child's early development and helps in placing the foundation stones, step-by-step, to accomplish its objective of imparting value education and creating happy young minds.

  • A Healthy Body
  • A Thoughtful and Inspired Mind
  • A Nourished Soul
  • In order to achieve our goal, we have developed content which works on the child’s body, mind and soul and helps to develop the child's physical, emotional and spiritual quotient.


These books have been specially designed and created with the WIN philosophy in mind. The stories and activities given in these books help the children to learn and imbibe core human values like love, respect, humility, integrity, camaraderie, courage, honesty etc.


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Value Products

Blue Orb offers a wide range of products for children and young adults that are fun filled but at the same time ensure that value learning becomes a part of their daily lives. Our entire range of value products can be viewed below.
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