The genesis of the name – Blue Orb, lies in the philosophy on which the foundation of the company was laid. Blue represents vastness, limitless, and showing capacity to develop into something great, much like the human potential; and ‘Orb’ symbolises the catalyst that brings about the desired change. Thus, embodying the same values that continue to inspire young and old to unleash their true potential, the name was born.

Blue Orb also accentuates tranquility, calmness, relaxation, peace, spirituality, vastness and trust – the very core of overall human development.

With the primary vision of enriching the lives of children and young adults, a consortium of seasoned professionals in the field of human behaviour, came together and started Blue Orb in 2015 with an aim to create mindful adults who are not only well-educated but also self-conscious, moral and ethical.

To do so, one has to exert beyond the current framework that acknowledges individual achievement, and amalgamate it with value and cultural education. Our proprietary WIN Program is designed to do exactly that, by combining activities of the body, mind and soul. This specially designed program focuses on imparting value education through a unique mix of art, culture, music, mythology, storytelling, yoga and certified mind and body techniques. The program teaches them core human values and critical aspects of success that would enable them to become thoughtful individuals and better human beings.

    Our Building Blocks [Fundamentals of OVERALL Human Development]

    Our Building Blocks are aimed at developing and strengthening a young mind’s Intelligence, Emotional and Spiritual Quotient. Our value education instils the foundations of ethical and cultural thinking in young people, enabling them to take the right decisions in life. The power to make the right judgment builds courage, which in turn leads to the development of an unclouded foresight and clarity of vision.


Blue Orb has on its board accomplished professionals from India, sharing a common vision to transform and uplift Indian society through values based learning and other means of empowerment.

Our Team is close-knit and highly experienced management brings together extensive expertise covering every facet of human behavior & psychology, and its constituent sectors and markets.

Ms. Madhuri Mehta

Director – Blue Orb Pvt. Ltd.

Madhuri Mehta, a founding member and concept creator of Blue Orb, leads the company’s Vision, Mission and Strategy in the capacity of a director. Madhuri has focused her 15 years in Human Capital Management working with clients across most of the consumer markets. Her experience in interacting with people offered Madhuri a unique insight on how people with a strong value base were the real winners in life – both professionally and personally, while others struggled to form a balance between the two.

Armed with her passion to deliver real value to the society by bringing forth innovative ways of incorporating values in our modern day lives, Madhuri conceptualized what today is Blue Orb. With focus on a child’s holistic development, Madhuri designed a unique and a proprietary WIN model – Work the Body, Inspire the Mind, Nourish the Soul – that focuses on developing a child's physical, emotional and spiritual quotient.

Her belief – “Make Learning Fun & Addictive”, is deeply imbibed in the various comprehensive Value Education programs that offer a wide variety of experiential value-activities to children and young adults. These programs help to explore and develop universal values and associated intrapersonal and interpersonal social and emotional skills.

Kids learn in different ways. Some are visual learners, some learn while playing while some learn better by listening. Building content that speaks to a child’s individual learning style and helps to reinforce the learning process is paramount. Madhuri’s keen sense of effectiveness allowed her to ideate and design bespoke value activity materials like storybooks, app-based games, worksheets and much more, which are imperative to Personality Building and Skill Building.

Mr. Ajit Menon

Director – Blue Orb Pvt. Ltd.

Ajit Menon, a founding member and creative head of Blue Orb Pvt. Ltd., leads integration of scientific approach to the methods and modules of value education.

He believes, “Values get imbibed through both implicit and planned programmes. The entire process of Value Education is a highly comprehensive and complex one that involves a wide range and variety of learning experiences.”

Bringing his over 25 years of professional experience in improving the effectiveness of the organization by developing business processes to Blue Orb’s Value Education Program, Ajit refined the proprietary WIN framework in consultation with certified early childhood development experts, that serves as a model for focusing on Body, Mind and Soul.

He carries the “Rashtriya Udyog Ratna” Award from National Education & HRD of the government of India.

Ms. Neha Valecha

Collaboration & Content Lead - Blue Orb Pvt. Ltd.

Stemming from her belief in ‘collaborating to compete for a unified goal’, Neha is responsible for forging strategic alliances – same-function alliances, parallel development of new products and cross-functional alliances. Amalgamation of her multidisciplinary industry knowledge, insight and creative thinking to ensure effectiveness of all alliances allows her to transcend parochialism, giving a ‘balcony view’ for implanting new strategies.

Neha also leads and manages the Content Execution team and ensures that effective and engaging content in the form of story books, educations videos, worksheets, newsletters etc., is produced augmenting a parent’s or a school teacher’s or even a corporate HR department’s efforts on imbibing values.

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